Highlights of the New Education Policy 2020: The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the National Education Policy 2020, paving the way for transformative reforms in the school and higher education sector in the country New Education Policy was launched on Wednesday, July 29. Earlier, in the afternoon the Union cabinet approved the policy that aims toContinue reading “NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020”

Best 5 Books For Serious Traders

Hey Welcome to Expert Me Blog In this blog, we talk about 5 books that every trader must-read. Now, these books are not nice to have seen, one of those that would read during your next vacation these are mandatory textbooks for you. If you are a serious trader and you have to read themContinue reading “Best 5 Books For Serious Traders”

Best 15 Book Recommended By Bill Gates

Today we’re looking at 15 books Bill Gates thinks everyone should read welcome to EXPERT ME BLOG the place where future billionaires come to get inspired. Hello experts, what a tremendous week It’s been, One of the most popular messages we receive concerns book recommendation and despite us doing quite of those you guys just seem to wantContinue reading “Best 15 Book Recommended By Bill Gates”

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